The Saturday Center is a mental health clinic that provides a kind of psychotherapy that serves as a classical and modern approach to mental treatment. Steeped in a hundred-plus year tradition of psychodynamic therapies that trace current ills like depression back to unresolved past relationships and traumas, we seek to restore harmony in our clients’ lives through recognition, new understandings, acceptance, grieving, and behavioral therapy integration. The key element in the process is the relationship between the client and the mental health therapist. Saturday Center therapists strive to maintain a balance between listening and intervening, accepting and challenging, and also nurturing and fostering autonomy.

As a Saturday Center client, you will find yourself heard at a level most people never experience. You will explore your past, your relationships, and your mind in a way that can be both frightening and exhilarating. Your relationship with your therapist will be unlike any other you have known: safe but challenging, structured with boundaries yet intimate, professional but intensely personal. You will discover yourself and at the same time create a new self; a self that is more whole, more alive, more self-accepting, and more able to engage in loving, satisfying relationships.

You will find that the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy is more than just a stale, uncaring mental center. We truly care about your mental health and more importantly, we care about you. Contact us today for more information about anxiety counseling, depression help or any of our other health services.