Our Staff


Bruce Brodie, Ph.D. provides individual, couples, and family psychotherapy as well as supervision and consultation in Santa Monica. He is the Clinical Director of The Saturday Center. He was adjunct faculty at the California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University for over 20 years. He is the author of Adolescence and Delinquency: an Object Relations Theory Approach and is currently working on a second book, tentatively titled, A Theory of Therapy. License # PSY6574

Judith Davenport, Ph.D., LCSW, Co-Founder of The Saturday Center and Clinical Supervisor. She is a published author on clinical supervision and the impact of environment on women’s roles. For many years, she was the leader of the Case Conference group. Dr. Davenport provides psychotherapy and consultation in her private practice. License # LCS6682

Monica Farassat, Psy.D., LMFT, CGP is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (1988), and a Certified Group Therapist in Santa Monica, CA.  She is The Director at Large at The Saturday Center, supervises interns, and up until recently lead the interns’ process group at the Saturday Center. She has special interest and passion for leading groups, and continues her clinical focus in the field of individual, couples and group psychotherapy. For more information visit her website at drmonicafarassat.com. License # MFC24491

Susan Frankel, Ph,D., J.D. received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and  is a psychologist and Jungian psychoanalyst with a private practice near Century City. She is the Director of Finance at the Saturday Center. She has been a clinical supervisor at the Saturday Center for more than ten years.  In her private practice she sees individuals, children, families and couples.  She has presented nationally on “Infant Observation and its impact on Working with Adults”.  Additionally she uses “sandplay” as an adjunct to psychotherapy.  License # PSY14552

Layla Jillood, Psy.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Santa Monica. She is The Executive Director for the Saturday Center and runs the Case Conference group. She practices from a Psychodynamic lens, with a specific focus on Intersubjectivity. In her private practice she works with individuals and couples, is sensitive to marginalized populations and has a deep interest in aiding others through life transitions. Layla has also supervised interns at The Maple Center, Southern California Counseling Center and The Los Angeles LGBT Center. In addition to working with clients, she is an Adjunct Professor at Antioch University.  License # PSY24228

Steve Kadel, LMFT, M.A. attended Wittenberg University, received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in psychology from Antioch University, and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  He is a clinical supervisor at The Saturday Center and leads the Process Group. He has supervised interns at both The Maple Counseling Center in Beverly Hills and The Saturday Center in West Los Angeles. He is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice in Los Angeles.  License # MFC38588

Vanessa Katz, Psy.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles. She is the Director of Admissions for the Saturday Center. She works with individuals and couples in psychotherapy as well as supervises interns at the Saturday Center. Her work focuses on treating adults experiencing depression, anxiety, relationship & family issues, parenting difficulties, life transitions, loss and trauma. She is fluent in Spanish.For more information visit her website at www.drvanessakatz.com.  License # PSY22231

Niaz Khani, Psy.D. is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a private practice in Santa Monica and works part-time for Los Angeles Pierce College Health Center. She offers Individual & Couples therapy and has a special interest in trauma, loss & grief, identity development & life transitions, and relationship struggles. She is a clinical supervisor at The Saturday Center and is adjunct faculty at CSPP at Alliant International University, Pepperdine University, and Argosy University. For more information visit her website www.drniazkhani.com.  License # PSY23715

Cindy Speich, Psy.D. has been a clinical supervisor at The Saturday Center since 2005. She treats adolescents, adults, and couples in her private practice in Beverly Hills. Her practice is general, commonly working with individuals struggling with the aftermath of childhood trauma, mood disorders, loss/grief, addiction, eating disorders and relationship issues. License #PSY18015


Nic Harbeck, M.A., MFTI, is a graduate of Antioch University Los Angeles with a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a specialization in Spiritual Depth Psychology. Nic’s philosophy of true mental health is the ability to tolerate the ambivalence of life while maintaining an authentic connection to the self and others. She integrates psychodynamic, relational, intersubjective and transpersonal orientations with intersectional feminism. Nic finds working within and among these philosophies she gains a fuller picture of clients’ experiences, how to reach therapeutic goals and a general sense of well-being. Nic provides a safe environment working collaboratively with adolescents, adults, couples, and families in exploring issues including sexual and gender diversity, LGBTQIP2SA+ identities, anxiety, depression, aging, racial and cultural issues, trauma, and difficulty in relationships. Nic is currently an intern in private practice at The Saturday Center for Psychotherapy and Training, a non-profit providing high-quality, affordable psychotherapy to the Los Angeles Community. Nic is supervised by Steve Kadel, LMFT, M.A., MFC38588

Rincy Mathew, M.A., MFTI, is a graduate of Pepperdine University with Masters Degrees in both Public Policy and Clinical Psychology. Using her background in both policy and psychology, Rincy has a strong interest in understanding how broader themes such as culture and society impact internal processes at the individual level, particularly, the development and formation of self identify. She combines therapeutic tools from Self Psychology, Voice Dialogue techniques and Existential and Psychodynamic Theories, as well and Jungian concepts of the Shadow to understand disowned and repressed parts of ones self in order to find integration and personal empowerment. She is particularly interested in working intersubjectively with her clients where she utilizes the therapeutic relationship itself to provoke personal transformation by offering them a chance to experience and see their true self while in relation to another.  Rincy believes we can transcend personal limitations to reach our full potential, but only through a genuine desire and effort for self awareness and consciousness. As such, she has a strong interest in spirituality, particularly in Buddhist philosophy where the self, body, and mind are integrated and aligned with healthy parts of the psyche in order to develop and discover real emotion, life force energy and greater ways of living authentically and freely. Rincy is supervised by Susan Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., PSY1455

Erica Krakovitz, M.A.,has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and is currently completing her Doctorate Degree in Applied Clinical Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Erica has several years of experience working in a private practice setting with adults, adolescents, and groups who suffer from a range of conditions including anxiety, depression, bipolar, trauma, grief, addiction, gender/sexual identity, and relational issues. She integrates psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, client-centered, and intersubjective theoretical approaches in her work. She is particularly interested in helping clients with ego strengthening, shame reduction, meaning making, and optimizing well-being. Erica is supervised by Cindy Speich, Psy.D., License PSY18015.

Bahar Moheban, M.A.,is a clinical psychology doctoral candidate at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. She is passionate about working with adults through their process of identity development and adjustment to life transitions. Bahar’s philosophy is that emotional healing comes from uncovering, sitting with, and gently confronting parts of ourselves outside our awareness that may be hindering our connection to the self and others. She believes that a safe, intimate space with another person allows us to present our authentic selves and be truly seen. Bahar strives to create a space of empathy, non-judgment, and curiosity, and works collaboratively with clients to meet their individual goals and facilitate their self-awareness.  She integrates psychodynamic, humanistic, and mindfulness principles while focusing on the healing, transformative nature of the client-therapist relationship.  Bahar’s areas of interest include eating disorders, body image, depression, and anxiety, particularly in the context of family and culture. She has previously provided therapy services at Airport Marina Counseling Service and Student Psychological Services of Los Angeles Valley College. At the Saturday Center, she is supervised by Layla Jillood, PsyD, License PSY24228.

Brian Henley, M.A., is a pre-doctoral psychotherapy intern at The Saturday Center. He practices psychodynamic psychotherapy, and has helped people suffering from a wide range of mental and emotional distress, including depression, anxiety, addiction issues and social problems.He earned his MA at Alliant International University, Los Angeles. If he has a specialty or emphasis, it is in working with chronic trauma (the kind that is repeated or happens over a long period of time) and complex traumatic stress. Brian is supervised by Bruce Brodie, Ph.D., License PSY6574