Affordable Therapy

The Saturday Center offers therapy in a beautiful private practice setting in Santa Monica, on the West Side of Los Angeles. Our warm setting offers a safe place to begin your healing process in a secure relationship with quality psychotherapy.

To make this service more affordable to people in the community, we offer a sliding scale fee based on financial needs.

The Saturday Center provides psychodynamic therapy combining both classical and modern approaches. Through the relationship with the therapist, you will explore your inner life and begin to understand your self, your life, and your relationships. Your therapists will balance listening and intervening, accepting and challenging, and nurturing and fostering autonomy.

As a client, you will find yourself heard at a level most people never experience. You will explore your relationships and yourself in ways that both challenge and exhilarate. Your relationship with your therapist will be unlike any other you have known: safe but challenging, structured with boundaries yet intimate, professional but intensely personal. Through this, you will gain a new relationship to yourself, a self that is more whole, more alive, more self-accepting, and more able to engage in loving, satisfying relationships.

You will find that the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy is place to feel cared about and truly seen.

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