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Training Program Application

The Saturday Center for Psychotherapy offers advanced psychodynamic training to MFT’s, Psychological Interns and to post-graduate psychologists, all of whom provide moderate fee therapeutic services within a private practice model. We are situated in a suite of offices shared jointly by the Saturday Center itself (two offices specifically for interns) and the private offices of the supervisors.

We accept three to five new trainees each year. The focus of our training is on the process occurring between therapist and client with an emphasis on the therapist’s transference and countertransference reactions. It is the therapist’s awareness of, and ability to use, these reactions that enable him or her to do dynamic psychotherapy. This type of training requires a willingness to have one’s character addressed. Such learning is not without discomfort. Interns often experience the program as intense, sometimes difficult, but usually rewarding, and leading to significant professional growth.  The specific goals of the program and its major components are described in the Program Description.  The article by Doctor Judith Davenport, The Saturday Center: A Training Institution in Process  is included in the training program package to give potential applicants an example of the type of the supervision we provide. Of course, each supervisor is different. Each brings to the supervisory encounter an individual character or personality as well as a specific orientation based on his or her own professional development. However, there is also a commonality: each supervisor is aware that change occurs within the therapeutic process (the human interaction between therapist and clients); and that a therapist’s countertransference has a powerful impact on this process.

Internship Application Process

We no longer accept applications through the APPIC Match process. We are, however, CAPIC members, and for training beginning June of each year, we accept applications starting December 1, of the previous year. Our application deadline for the first round CAPIC process is February 27, and the supplemental application(see below) must be completed and submitted on the CAPIC website. Please note that we abide by the CAPIC application deadline. A completed application for our internship program includes the following materials:

  1. Specific reasons that make this internship program a choice.
  2. At least one paragraph about your reactions to the article by Dr. Judith Davenport, “The Saturday Center: A Training Institution in Process”, and your willingness and/or concerns about being supervised according to the demonstrated philosophy. (Could be added in your cover letter).
  3. Complete the Saturday Center Application form (If you have a hard time downloading the file, please contact Layla Jillood to send you a copy).
Saturday Center Application


(Please note that all of the above materials should be included in addition to the CAPIC packet. We do not process any incomplete application.)

Prerequisites And Conditions

The following are the minimum qualifications expected from the applicants to this program:

  1. A Master’s degree in psychology or related field, with at least one year post-graduation experience (MFT’s). Applicant must have their MFT Intern number before start date.
  2. Be enrolled in a doctoral program that requires an internship training (PsyD, PhD).
  3. Pass the comprehensive exam no later than the ranking deadline for CAPIC match.
  4. Be approved to begin internship by their doctoral program
  5. Have at least one year (half-time) of supervised clinical experience preferably in the psychodynamic model.
  6. Have had at least one year of individual psychotherapy.
  7. Commit to the center’s scheduled meetings currently occurring, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
  8. Be willing to work on Saturdays if that is the only time the client and the therapist can meet.
  9. Be willing to do community outreach.

In addition to the criterion above preference would be given to applicants who:

  1. Demonstrate a strong and genuine commitment to the study and application of psychodynamic and inter-subjective model of psychotherapy demonstrated through coursework, practicum, clinical experience, and other life experiences.
  2. Are interested and invested in participating in a training program that promotes a “use of self” training model (refer to the article by Dr. Judith Davenport), as evidenced by characteristics such as self-awareness, openness, willingness to self-disclose, etc.
  3. Are interested in a training model that emphasizes long-term insight oriented treatment model of individual therapy.

Selection Process

The summary of the selection process is as follows:

Applications should be received by the deadline of January 9th. All application material should be submitted via For CAPIC applicants, please Contact the Director of Admission if you have not received an e-mail notification by January 16th.  We contact applicants whose applications have been approved, to set up an initial on-site interview.  The applicant is required to present a clinical case at this initial interview, and expect to be supervised by the interviewer. This will give the applicant an idea of the supervision philosophy of this center.  If the interviewer finds the applicant to be a good match for this center, the applicant will be invited to a second group interview, which will include other invited applicants and several supervisors of the center.  Other applicants who are not being invited back for the second interview will be notified via e-mail.  Upon the selection of the matching applicants, their information will be submitted to the CAPIC matching system.

CAPIC Guidelines

Our selection process follows all guidelines of the California Psychology Internship Council (CAPIC) and participates in the CAPIC Match. Our internship site commits to abide by the CAPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept or use any ranking-related information from intern applicants.  The yearly CAPIC Match Policies are available at

All other applicants and post-doctoral students applying between December 1st, and June 15, should apply directly to the Saturday Center, and will be accepted or rejected within two weeks of their interview(s), based on availability of positions (some exceptions may apply).  For further information and questions in regards to our training program you may contact: The Director of Admissions, Dr. Layla Jillood, (424) 248-7223 or